Quick and Easy Plum Butter

Quick and Easy Plum Butter

Well hello there food loving friends!! It’s been a while and I am so sorry! ¬†I have something pretty exciting up my sleeve, but I’ll save that for another day! Don’t be mad ūüôā For now.. ¬†lets check out this super easy and delicious Plum Butter!

I took my oldest, Hailey, to Camp Ondessonk. ¬†I went to this camp when I was younger and have been anxiously awaiting the day when my daughter was old enough to go!! AAAAHHHHHHHH…. I can’t believe she is getting so big!! ¬†So when we first dropped her off she was a little sad… ok, a lot sad. ¬†ūüôĀ

She was just going to the mini camp that was only 3 days, so I wasn’t dropping her off for a whole week, which made it better for her. ¬†It was so amazing being back and seeing all of the old things I remembered and seeing all of the newly built structures as well. ¬†I just had an overwhelming feeling of comfort.

When we picked her up, she was very excited to see us. ¬†She also gave us some ‘tude… I’m pretty sure I embarrassed her because I asked her to introduce me to her friends. ¬†I got one of their addresses so Hailey could write back and forth to her…. ¬†hahaha.. she wasn’t very impressed!! I had a real “mom moment”!!

She did finally open up and talked about all of the activities she got to try¬†and her¬†two favorite activities were horseback riding and swimming…. ¬†it turns out¬†those were my two favorites as well! She had a blast, even if she won’t show it… I just know, ya know!

While she was at camp, the rest of us revisited our Illinois house and had time to relax on the boat. ¬†I just love floating in the lake.. ¬†my husband on the other hand had to indulge in some adult beverages before he jumped in the water! ¬†You know, the typical fear of sharks and other heavily armed¬†fish that roam the lake…. and eat humans.. hahhaha.. ¬†it was awesome!


Moving on… ¬†plums

So today I thought I’d share with you what I did with all of those left over plums. ¬†I was trying to think of something that was easy and delicious. ¬†I happened to come upon a post on Facebook about the very popular Apple Butter Festival in Kimmswick, MO (which is right down the street from me!!!) and a big ding happened up there in that brain of mine…. ¬†why not try plum butter!!! ¬†So I did some research on ¬†some apple butter and I substituted the apple for the plum. ¬†I did change just a bit because the plums have so much liquid, there was no need to add any extra water to this recipe.

crock pot plum butter

This spread is a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy, and A LOT bit delicious!  It goes great on bread, muffins, and better yet, ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!

It has some delightful spices added to it that give it such a nice flavor! First of all, I’ve always wanted a food processor. ¬†Guess what….. I got this awesome Cuisinart food processor from my husband for Christmas last year… ¬†and it is aaaaahhhhhhmazing and it made this process alot¬†quicker!

plum butter

So, without further ado…… PLUM BUTTER!

plum butter

*These are my own recipes that are derived from recipes I have come to love.  All of these images are my own.  If you want to use this recipe on your blog please re-word or link back to this page. 

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