New Year, New Clothes, New Women’s Watch!

New Year, New Clothes, New Women’s Watch!

My Beautiful Jord Watch…

This. Women’s Watch. Is. GORGEOUS.

Walking out to my mailbox to get the women’s watch I ordered,  I fully expected to find a small shipping box… I mean, how big could this box be, it only contains a woman’s small wooden watch… so I thought!  Wellllllllll, I found a beautiful black matte shipping box, that was surprisingly larger than expected.  And that was JUST the box it was shipped in, I mean… whhaattt… RIGHT!!??


I opened this sleek black box to find ANOTHER beautiful box, except this one was a stunning wooden box.  On the top of this box is an engraved “J” for Jord.  This box has a magnetic lid that makes sure to keep your watch safe.   There is a small drawer at the bottom that contains a Boveda packet.  This packet (which does not need to be opened) helps protect the watch from any humidity.  It last’s about a month, so make sure to purchase more to maintain a relative humidity that is optimal for wood watch storage.  Seriously, this box is amazing. Almost as amazing as the watch itself… almost.  Ok.. now on to this “must-have” watch!

Jord Watch Box

Zebrawood….  this watch is made from Zebrawood!!  I’m not even really sure what that is or where it is found, but doesn’t it just SOUND exotic??!!  Well, it looks even more beautiful than it sounds, believe it or not!  I even paired my watch with some delicious toasted marshmallow and chocolate chip cookies..  perfection!

Jord Cora Series Zebrawood and Turquoise Watch

I received the Cora Series Zebrawood and Turquoise watch and OH MY.. This watch is a beaut!  I am a sucker for turquoise.  It reminds me of the ocean and I LOVE the ocean, I kinda wish I was there right now.  The beautiful wood watch also has the most delicate Swarovski Crystal markers on 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11.  The Zebrawood has such beautiful natural tones of wood grain.  The wood is so smooth and stunning, it has a hint of a shimmering sheen.

Cora Series Zebrawood Watch, JORD
Zebrawood Turquoise Wood Watch

Probably my FAVORITE part of this watch is the surprise on the underside.  Go ahead… turn this baby over… you won’t regret it, I promise!  Take a look at the internal mechanism, it is a beautiful display of Jord craftsmanship.  You can see every colorful screw and gear moving with intent.  It is truly mesmerizing! Cora is a fully automatic watch.  What does that mean? Well, let me tell you….  it requires NO battery!  It is a self-winding watch.  Amazing, I know!  The best part…. it is made in St. Louis, Missouri, my hometown! Yes, I am swooning over this beauty right now.

Underside of Cora Series Watch

Check out their website and ENTER to win $100 towards your very own Jord Wood Watch!  BTW…  I chose the women’s watch but the men’s watches are equally stunning and are quite the statement piece.  Also, this is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift ladies and gents..  cough, cough.. nudge, nudge… Mike… I wouldn’t turn down another wood watch from Jord! Thanks babe 🙂

Cora Series Zebrawood Turquoise Wood Watch


*all images are my own.  All opinions are my own.
Wooden Wristwatch

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